About Ginny Jones

Dedicated to helping parents raise healthy kids

Ginny Jones is a Parent Coach whose focus is helping parents handle their kids’ food & body issues as well as other mental health conditions. Our kids have increasing rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. They are increasingly likely to engage in substance abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and other dangerous behaviors.

In these conditions, parenting is harder than ever, and the stakes are high. The good news is that parents don’t have to suffer through this alone. There are things we can learn and practice to create healthier environments for our kids.

Ginny has been a coach and consultant since 2004. Originally she supported business owners in achieving their growth goals. She founded More-Love.org, an organization that provides resources to help parents with their kids’ food and body issues, in 2016. At that point, she shifted her focus to parents and families. The principles of conflict management, leadership and organizational management that she taught to business owners translate directly into her work with parents and families. 

Ginny’s clients enjoy her unique combination of education, compassion, and advice. She is a great listener, but she’s also dedicated to making strategic plans and helping people achieve their goals. She works from a Health at Every SizeⓇ (HAESⓇ), non-diet, Intuitive Eating framework.

Ginny has interviewed hundreds of experts and individuals about parenting, body image, eating disorders, and nutrition. She’s written more than 350 articles about parenting and co-wrote “You’re Fine: Body Image for Girls,” in 2019 with her daughter. She has an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Important note: Ginny is a parent coach, NOT a licensed therapist. She cannot diagnose or treat mental illness, addiction, disorders, etc. Coaching can be a great addition to (but is not a substitute for) licensed professional mental healthcare.