Emotional Regulation For Kids With Eating Disorders

An on-demand masterclass to help you calm your child down and teach them emotional regulation skills to support eating disorder recovery

build emotional regulation skills

✔️ Understand why your child gets upset and emotionally dysregulated

✔️ Learn how to actually calm your child down when they’re acting out (especially about food!)

✔️ Teach your child to become more emotionally resilient and learn to self-regulate

help your child calm down and eat!

build emotional regulation skills

Your Child Can’t Recover If They Can’t Calm Down

Emotional dysregulation is at the heart of many eating disorders

It’s virtually impossible to eat when you’re in a state of fight, flight, or freeze. And yet kids with eating disorders are very often emotionally dysregulated. You can help your child calm down so they can eat while also building their emotional regulation skills and emotional resilience. These are essential parts of eating disorder recovery, and there is absolutely nobody better-suited to teaching emotional regulation than you! Kids are biologically wired to learn emotional regulation from parents. You can make a big difference!

Ginny Jones

Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Ginny, and my mission is to help parents raise kids who are free from eating disorders. I know you want your child to calm down enough so they can eat and recover from their eating disorder, and this science-backed method will help you help your child. This course will give you the skills you need to succeed. I’ve helped hundreds of parents like you figure out how to parent through eating disorder recovery.

build emotional regulation skills

Please Calm Down!

How to teach your child emotional regulation skills when they have an eating disorder



✔️ 1 hr 28 min video lesson

✔️ Access on computer, laptop, or mobile device


42-page Workbook: Emotional Regulation Workbook for Parents Who Have Kids With Eating Disorders (value $24.95)

To create this course, I’ve taken the last three decades of research in neurobiology and applied it to co-regulating with a child who is struggling with eating disorder behaviors. My trusted guides include Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Mona Delahooke, leaders in neurobiology and the science of helping kids. Their work informs how I support parents who have kids struggling with anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and eating disorders.

This course includes an overview of the nervous system and how it interacts with the ability to eat. You’ll learn how to soothe your child when they’re dysregulated so they can calm down and teach them to self-regulate and build up their emotional resilience.

This changes everything.


You’ll understand why your child gets so upset (especially around food!).


You’ll know how to respond differently to help your child calm down.


You’ll be able to teach your child self-regulation skills to support recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course make sense at a particular stage of recovery?

This course applies to all stages of parenting a child who is in recovery from an eating disorder.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have full access to the course for as long as I offer it, and for a minimum of 6 months after you place your order. You can take the course as many times as you want to!

My life is CRAZY! Do I really have time to take this online course?

The course is accessible on all devices, and it’s easy to take in a few sections at a time if you can’t view the whole thing at once. Lots of parents find it’s a great way to use the time spent waiting in doctors’ and therapists’ offices!

Does this course tell me how to fix my child’s eating disorder?

No. This course is about parenting when your child has an eating disorder. It is not about treating the eating disorder. You will learn parenting techniques that will be helpful as your child undergoes treatment, but this is not a treatment course.

Does this course apply if my kid doesn’t live with me?

Yes. This course will help you if your child lives at home, but it can also help if your child lives separately from you.

Does this course focus on a particular type of eating disorder?

This course applies to all eating disorders in which there is emotional dysregulation and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

My daughter is intermittent fasting in eating disorder recovery

Ready to Get Started?

I’d love to help you! This course will help you start co-regulating and do everything in your power to help your child recover.