Is anxiety in charge of your family?

Today we’re going to hear from a parent whose child has an eating disorder, but it’s anxiety that is really a problem. We’ll talk through what happens when anxiety and an eating disorder are effectively running the show in a family and what you can do to stop it from happening.  The letter Dear Ginny,Continue reading “Is anxiety in charge of your family?”

Clara’s story: eating disorder accommodation

Clara was 15, and her parents Tina and John were terrified that her eating disorder was not budging. “I think it started when she was about 12 years old and she started complaining about her body,” says Tina. “Then I noticed she was restricting food and skipping meals. She began exercising a lot more thanContinue reading “Clara’s story: eating disorder accommodation”

Food fear in eating disorder recovery

Today we’re going to hear from a parent whose child is facing food fear during eating disorder recovery. She is afraid of food and her list of safe foods is getting smaller and smaller. I’ll talk through what food fear feels like and provide some advice for the parent so that she can help herContinue reading “Food fear in eating disorder recovery”

Getting through panic attacks with an eating disorder

Today we’re going to talk about panic attacks, and how to get someone through a panic attack when they have an eating disorder. I’ll share some thoughts about how to view panic attacks and a powerful technique for soothing your child when they have a panic attack. The letter Dear Ginny, My daughter has anContinue reading “Getting through panic attacks with an eating disorder”