How can I convince her I know the best treatment?

Today we’ll hear from a parent who wants to convince her daughter that she knows the best eating disorder treatment, but her daughter refuses to listen. I’ll talk through what this parent can do to increase her influence and support her child’s eating disorder recovery.  The letter Dear Ginny,  Our daughter is 23 and hasContinue reading “How can I convince her I know the best treatment?”

Should parents back off eating disorder treatment?

Sometimes parents are told to “back off” eating disorder treatment so a child can choose to recover. I’ll tell you why this all-too-common advice is terrible, and what you can do instead. The letter Dear Ginny, Our 16-year-old son has an eating disorder. He has been seeing a therapist for anxiety and participating in anContinue reading “Should parents back off eating disorder treatment?”

Unmotivated in eating disorder recovery

Today we’re going to talk about a child who has returned from being in treatment for an eating disorder and is now unmotivated for recovery.  I’ll talk through what this parent can do to help her child stay on the road to recovery and discuss an important technique to help with emotional metabolism, which IContinue reading “Unmotivated in eating disorder recovery”

TED Talks for eating disorder recovery

There are thousands of TED Talks on almost every topic you can imagine, but are there any that are good for eating disorder recovery? Luckily, there are! And while I don’t include some of the most obvious choices that are directly related to eating disorders, that’s largely on purpose. Talks about eating disorders can beContinue reading “TED Talks for eating disorder recovery”

Movies for eating disorder recovery

If you are in eating disorder recovery (or have a family member in recovery) and are looking for movies to watch, here are a few that I recommend. You’ll notice that I haven’t listed any movies that are actually about an eating disorder. This is because I have yet to find a movie that coversContinue reading “Movies for eating disorder recovery”

Poems for eating disorder recovery

Poems can be an excellent way to reflect on eating disorder recovery. They can help us tap into our feelings and thoughts about bodies, food, our identity, and our place in the world. Most of all, they can help us consider what healing and recovery means for us as individuals, since one size does notContinue reading “Poems for eating disorder recovery”