Coaching to Prevent Eating Disorders

Learn the early signs of an eating disorder and how you can step in and interrupt dangerous patterns.
  • Is your child frequently worried and anxious, or withdrawn and depressed?
  • Does your child suffer from perfectionism, anxiety attacks, explosive anger, and/or other troubling behaviors?
  • Do you see signs of binge eating and/or food restriction?
  • Is your child a very picky eater, and the list of foods keeps shrinking?
  • Does your child often feel nauseated and/or have frequent digestive issues?
  • Are you worried that your child is overly concerned about their body and weight?
  • Do you want to be emotionally closer to your child?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s weight?
  • Does your child have a friend who has an eating disorder?
  • Is your child in a sport like dance or swimming in which their body is exposed and on display?
  • Do you have a family member who has/had an eating disorder or other mental health condition involving coping behaviors like drinking, drug use, gambling, etc.?

Parent coaching is for parents like you who want to try and prevent eating disorders by learning new skills.

There are a lot of things parents can do to help their child avoid or interrupt a budding eating disorder. I’d like to help you!

Find out about coaching

Parent coaching is often the best path for parents who want to help but don’t know how.

With parent coaching you will have access to:

Information: Get answers to your questions about how you can prevent eating disorders.

Understanding: Decode your child’s behavior and learn how to interact with them more compassionately and constructively.

Conflict Resolution: Learn how to resolve conflict with your child to reduce household stress and have a positive environment.

Responses: Get ideas and scripts for how you can talk to your child about eating disorders, weight, food, and body image.

Techniques: Learn about the science-backed ways to raise a child using Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating.

Recommendations: Find the books, articles, and resources that are available to help you navigate parenting.

Parent coaching can make an immediate impact on your ability to parent compassionately and effectively. I hope you will schedule a consultation with me to find out more about parent coaching.

There’s a lot you can do!

Not all eating disorders can be prevented, but there’s a lot you can do to help guide your child on a path to body acceptance and intuitive eating.

Important note: Ginny is a parent coach, NOT a licensed therapist. She cannot diagnose or treat mental illness, addiction, eating disorders, etc.