Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

In my own recovery, I learned to see my eating disorder in a new light and feel my feelings with someone who gave me unconditional love and acceptance. Her support led me to full, embodied recovery from my eating disorder. It transformed my life in every way. So while the primary focus of my coaching practice is supporting parents who have kids with eating disorders, I also coach people who are over 18 who have eating disorders.

Find Out About Recovery Coaching

I’d love to work with you as your eating disorder recovery coach! If you’re interested in learning more, please send me a note.

An Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Gives You The Support You Need To:

eating disorder recovery
  • Understand your eating disorder
  • Build self-confidence & self-worth
  • Accept yourself for who you are
  • Feel your feelings safely
  • Develop realistic coping skills that actually work
  • Build emotional resilience and self-regulation
  • Find peace & healing
eating disorder recovery coach

Eating and body image are difficult in our body-toxic culture. I’d like to help you find peace and healing.

Let’s Work On:

How you feel about yourself, your body, food and eating, your feelings and thoughts, and your eating disorder.

Skills for when you’re emotionally flooded and don’t know how to handle your thoughts and feelings.

The Support You Deserve

Eating disorders are not something that only happens to children and teens. Many people who are over 18 live with eating disorders. Recovery coaching offers you the support you need to claim your own recovery and move forward in your life confidently. I work with:

  • College Students
  • Young Adults
  • Middle Aged Adults
  • Older Adults
  • Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you meet your clients?

Most of my coaching meetings take place on Zoom, but if you prefer a phone call, that’s OK!

Can I hire you to work with my child who is 18+?

Yes. Parents often hire me to support their college student/young adult child.

If my parents are paying you, will you share what I’ve told you with them?

Only if I have your permission to do so. Some clients find it helpful to have me relay certain messages to parents, and I’m happy to facilitate difficult family conversations when necessary.

Do you have experience working with people who have anxiety/depression/ASD/OCD/ADHD/PTSD/substance use, etc?

Yes. There is a lot of overlap between these conditions and eating disorders, so I have extensive understanding of and experience with them.

Do you have any experience working with issues related to gender/sexuality/race, etc.?

Yes. I am cisgender, heterosexual and white, but I welcome and have worked with clients of all genders, sexuality, and race. While I don’t have lived experience, I do my best to learn every day.

How do you feel about fat?

I embrace a non-diet, Health At Every Size® approach to health and wellbeing. However, I will meet you where you are.

Where are you located (what time zone)?

I’m in California, on Pacific Time. I work with clients internationally as long as we can find a time that works.

Find Out About Recovery Coaching

I’d love to work with you! If you’re interested in learning more, please send me a note.

Important note: Ginny is a coach, NOT a licensed therapist. She cannot diagnose or treat mental illness, addiction, eating disorders, etc.