Holiday Help! Discounted Coaching Session for Parents

I’m offering a limited number of discounted ($50) 30-minute coaching calls to specifically focus on preparing for the holidays.

❤️ Invite your adult child to a holiday gathering even if you think they don’t want to come.

❤️ Plan a holiday gathering that doesn’t trigger or upset your adult child.

❤️ Understand why your child is withdrawn, rude or unpleasant at holiday events and what to do about it.

❤️ Reconnect with your estranged adult child.

❤️ Find out what to say, what not to say, and what to think about.

Feel confident about how you handle the holidays this year.

Get targeted help with holiday planning

Last Thanksgiving was a total nightmare, but this year I feel like I’m more prepared for what she might do. More importantly, I understand her better and feel like I can turn things around if they go sideways.

K. Wood