How to Raise Body-Positive Kids Book

Parents can raise body-positive kids, and this book can help you get started.

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I wrote this book to help parents who are concerned with their kids’ body image. While the automatic assumption is that kids with poor body image need help with weight control, that can lead to dangerous consequences.

Body image is a major concern, and it seems to be getting worse. We’re seeing increased rates of body dissatisfaction and their close cousin, eating disorders, in kids. A powerful way for parents to reverse this trend is to practice body-positivity.

It’s important because:

  • Children as young as 5 years old express dissatisfaction with their bodies.
  • Preschoolers already know that society judges people by how they look.
  • More than 50% of girls and 33% of boys age 6-8 feel their ideal body is thinner than their current body size.
  • Body dissatisfaction is a leading factor in the development of almost all eating disorders.

Source: Common Sense Media 2015

We live in a society that is not kind to bodies. In fact we have normalized body hate. But that’s no way to live! Our kids deserve to feel their bodies are worthy of respect. And research shows that people who feel good about their bodies at any weight are healthier both mentally and physically. Body-positivity is healthy! This book will help you learn how to raise body-positive kids.

Parents can help kids learn body-positivity

In a culture filled with body loathing, it falls on parents to learn about and promote body-positivity. But few of us know how to do this.

This book, How to Raise Body-Positive Kids, will help you understand the key elements of body-positivity and start making a positive impact on your child’s health today.

My husband and I didn’t realize how much we needed this book until we read it. It had an immediate positive impact on our family. – Lucy C.