Essential Guide to Eating Disorders

An online course for parents who have kids with eating disorders

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✔️ The essential knowledge you need to parent your child with an eating disorder

✔️ How to create a pro-recovery home

✔️ What to do and what not to do when your child has an eating disorder

Parents make a huge difference when it comes to eating disorder recovery!

Your Essential Guide to Eating Disorders

Parenting a child who has an eating disorder isn’t easy. This course will provide you with the essential knowledge you need to succeed. Understand what to do … and what not to do … to support recovery. Find out how to make your home safe for your child’s recovery, and set up family rules for recovery. Maintain and deepen your family connections, and feel confident that you have done everything possible to help your child recover.

Ginny Jones

Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Ginny, and my mission is to help parents raise kids who are free from eating disorders. I know you are motivated to create a home environment that is recovery-friendly, but the eating disorder recovery system often leaves parents in the dark. I want to give you the information you need to succeed. I’ve helped hundreds of parents like you figure out how to parent through eating disorder recovery.

Your Essential Guide to Eating Disorders



A compassionate and comprehensive guide to understanding eating disorders for parents

with Ginny Jones, founder of More-Love.org



✔️ 5 video lessons

✔️ Course workbook

✔️ Access on computer, laptop, or mobile device


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Course Objectives:

⭐ Get ready for recovery and find out how you can prepare yourself for maximum success.

⭐ Learn about eating disorders – what they are, how to talk about them, the symptoms to look out for, and more.

⭐ Understand the foundations of recovery. What’s it going to take for your child to recover from this eating disorder and how can you help lay the foundation?

⭐ Make critical family changes to support your child’s eating disorder recovery and find out the household rules you need to set.

⭐ Find out what recovery looks like and the signs to look out for as well as how to support your child’s unique recovery from an eating disorder.

“I was feeling totally out of control and didn’t know what I was supposed to do, and now I feel confident that I can handle this. I have hope!”

— J. Knight-Morris

Julia’s story

Julia’s life has been hijacked. And she never saw it coming.

Everything seemed to be going fine. Sure, her marriage has been a little rocky lately, and her youngest son could get a little wild. But overall, Julia was pretty satisfied. Her older daughter Molly had good grades, was in the orchestra, and played softball.

Everything seemed fine until …

But then Molly’s best friend said that Julia wasn’t eating and was “acting weird.” Her coach called to complain that she wasn’t working as hard at practice and seemed uninterested. Things quickly came to a head one day at the supermarket. While Julia was busy wrangling Molly’s little brother away from the cupcakes, Molly passed out.

She just dropped to the floor. In the middle of the supermarket.

Julia didn’t know what to do. A crowd formed around them. Someone offered Julia a granola bar and a bottle of water to give Molly. Slowly, Molly’s eyes opened. She took a sip of water, but shut her mouth tight and turned away from the granola bar.

How can my child have an eating disorder?

Scared, Julia took off work the next day and drove Molly to the doctor to be evaluated. The doctor recommended they see an eating disorder specialist. An eating disorder? Molly? How was it possible?

The next few weeks were a blur. Julia had to miss tons of work, and Molly was missing school. Julia felt overwhelmed and scared, but her husband dismissed the problem, saying it was just a phase and would all work out.

Molly’s therapist seemed great, but she was working with Molly, not Julia. So Julia found herself feeling scared, isolated and depressed. She was slipping at work and was worried about being able to keep her job. Julia didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone what was going on. She was terrified and alone.

I feel like I’m doing everything wrong!

Worst of all, she felt like she kept saying the wrong thing and doing the wrong thing all the time. She was walking on eggshells because she didn’t know how to talk to Molly about the eating disorder. Desperately afraid of making mistakes and hurting Molly’s recovery, she was pretty sure that she was messing up.

The problem is that, like so many parents who have kids who have eating disorders, Julia wasn’t getting the education or the support she needed to make it through her daughter’s recovery.

She thought that focusing all her resources on Molly was what she should be doing, but as a result she was overwhelmed, struggling, and panicked.

I need help!

Parenting a child who has an eating disorder is labor-intensive and terrifying. Many people who have recovered from an eating disorder say that their families either made it easy or hard. Sadly, in most cases families were unhelpful when it came to creating an environment that supported eating disorder recovery.

But it’s no secret that parents can also smooth the path and make recovery easier for everyone in the family. It just takes knowledge and practice. Julia doesn’t have to keep suffering. She can make things better for her family … and for herself.

This changes everything.


You’ll understand eating disorders better.


You’ll know how to respond more effectively to your child.


You’ll have the confidence you need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course make sense at a particular stage of recovery?

This course applies to all stages of parenting a child who is in recovery from an eating disorder.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have full access to the course for as long as I offer it, and for a minimum of 6 months after you place your order. You can take the course as many times as you want to!

My life is CRAZY! Do I really have time to take this online course?

The course is accessible on all devices, and it’s easy to take in a few sections at a time if you can’t view the whole thing at once. Lots of parents find it’s a great way to use the time spent waiting in doctors’ and therapists’ offices!

Does this course tell me how to fix my child’s eating disorder?

No. This course is about parenting when your child has an eating disorder. It is not about treating the eating disorder. You will learn parenting techniques that will be helpful as your child undergoes treatment, but this is not a treatment course.

Does this course apply if my kid doesn’t live with me?

Yes. This course is designed with the best-case scenario for impacting our kids, which is when they live at home with us. However, the information will be incredibly helpful even if your child does not live with you.

Does this course focus on a particular type of eating disorder?

This course provides parenting techniques that will benefit any child with any type of eating disorder with the possible exception of ARFID (although many of the core concepts still apply).

My daughter is intermittent fasting in eating disorder recovery

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