Checkout: How to De-Escalate Tantrums



This 1-hour online course will teach you how to de-escalate a tantrum, whether it’s your toddler, teen, or young adult. Learn the proven method to change the dynamics and help your child learn emotional regulation.

This course includes:

  • 1 hour of video instruction
  • Lesson Notes: How to De-Escalate Tantrums
  • Access on computer, laptop & mobile device

The outline of this course is:

  1. Define tantrums: what are they and why do they happen
  2. 7 steps to de-escalate a tantrum: the proven methods to use every time your child has a tantrum
  3. 2 things to avoid doing during a tantrum: unless you want to escalate things (I know you don’t!)
  4. Practice, not perfect: how (and why) to keep the long-game in mind when dealing with tantrums