Quick-Start Guide to Eating Disorders

Free Mini-Course for Parents

A quick-start guide to help you support your child who has an eating disorder.

Get empowered and make a difference with this 5-day email course that will help you parent more effectively during eating disorder recovery.

  • Understand eating disorders better
  • Recognize your child’s symptoms and risk factors
  • Take intentional action to make recovery more likely
  • Know that you are doing everything within your power to make a meaningful difference

What Parents Need to Know About Eating Disorders

“I learned more from you in five days than I have in months of dealing with this so far.”

— B. Ames

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Ginny Jones

About Your Instructor (That’s Me!)

Hi, I’m Ginny, and I’d like to teach you what parents need to know about eating disorders. My mission in life is helping parents like you survive and thrive in tough conditions. Here’s some more about me:

  • Eating disorder expert trained in feeding and recovery science and practice
  • Parent coach who has worked with +100 parents facing eating disorder recovery 
  • Parent with lived experience of what it’s like to raise a kid in our stressed-out, body-negative culture
  • 20+ years of experience in negotiation, persuasion, and influence techniques … really helpful when dealing with eating disorders!