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FBI Negotiation Skills for Parents

One thing I hear consistently from parents is that they are exhausted by the endless arguments and showdowns with preteens and teens. It’s confusing to feel like no matter what you say, your kids just won’t do what you ask.

Maybe you’ve been there: you ask nicely, and they say no. You ask firmly, and they say no. You present all the best arguments you can think of, and they say no. It may feel like you just can’t win!

It’s bad enough when they won’t do things like clean their rooms or empty the dishwasher. But when they stop eating, refuse to eat your meals, or won’t cut back on excessive exercise, it gets scary. When you’re negotiating about health behaviors, you’re in a tight spot. Negotiating about health behaviors is usually a lose-lose situation.

If you find yourself arguing and negotiating with your child about food and exercise, or endlessly debating whether their body is good or bad, it’s time for some advanced parenting skills.

I’m hosting a live virtual workshop to teach you FBI negotiation skills for kids who are struggling with food and body issues. It may surprise you to know that FBI hostage negotiators have figured out that empathy, not aggression, is crucial to extracting hostages from dangerous terrorists. But it’s empathy with a lot of self-control and firm boundaries.

And that’s usually where parents struggle – we’re either too rigid or too loose. Too aggressive or too compassionate. And if the negotiation has to do with food and exercise, the impact can be just as serious as the worst hostage situation. Finding the sweet spot is both crucial and very possible.

This workshop will help you learn how to listen, validate, and respond to your child’s arguments about food, exercise, and other behaviors calmly and powerfully. If you’ve ever been reduced to tears or felt like you gave up more than you should have, this will be very helpful.

If you’re interested, please join me. I’d love to see you there!

  • Date: July 21
  • Time: 4 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. Eastern
  • Duration: 1.5 hrs
  • Where: Live workshop on Zoom (details will be sent when you sign up)
  • What’s included: Lecture, practice worksheets, cheat-sheet, discussion & sharing
  • Price: $29

This event is full. Please check back for future workshops!


Why me? In addition to all my work with parents and kids who have eating disorders, I have an MBA and spent 15 years negotiating deals, mergers, acquisitions, and other high-stakes business opportunities. My interest in using strategic empathy in negotiation situations started in business school and has naturally extended into the world of parenting, where we so often find ourselves in high-stakes conversations, unsure of how best to proceed. I’ve taught powerful empathy-based negotiation techniques to entrepreneurs and corporate executives, and now I’m thrilled to teach them to parents.

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Hi, I’m Ginny. I’m on a mission to help parents raise kids who are free from food and eating issues.

I created this blog to give parents important information and advice when their kids have eating disorders.

I write about a combination of topics, from movies that are “safe” for eating disorder recovery to details about why eating disorders occur and how parents can help with recovery.

My goal is to educate parents about eating disorders while also empowering them to support their kids’ recovery. I try to include real-world examples to help illustrate common situations that I encounter when coaching parents.

I work from a place of education and compassion because I know that the best way for you to help your kid feel better is for you to feel better. You matter, and I’m here to help.

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