You’re Fine! Body Image for Girls Book

Get this free book to learn what girls need to know about having a positive body image and living a truly healthy life

We wanted to address some of the common concerns girls have about body image in a simple book. And of course, we address health, eating, and weight. It’s a fun, easy guide for both parents and girls to explore what it means to be healthy. We hope it will support girls and help them develop a positive – or at least “fine” – body image.

It’s important because:

  • Children as young as 5 years old express dissatisfaction with their bodies.
  • Preschoolers already know that society judges people by how they look.
  • More than 50% of girls and 33% of boys age 6-8 feel their ideal body is thinner than their current body size.

Source: Common Sense Media 2015

Girls face daily pressure to conform to societal expectations. Having a negative body image is considered completely normal for girls. Even if their parents never tell them that they need to be thin and beautiful, the culture shares these messages constantly.

Parents can help girls develop healthy body image

Most parents don’t know that we can make a significant impact on how our girls feel about their bodies. We can do this by explicitly counteracting societal messages about weight and beauty.

By doing this, parents can help girls avoid body hate, which can develop into eating disorders and a lifetime of never feeling good enough.

My daughter and I read this book together, and it was a fun and easy way to start having conversations about bodies, health, and weight. – Karen M.