Ginny Jones / Parent Coach

Ginny Jones / Parent Coach

Helping parents manage difficult & dangerous situations

Parenting is an adventure. You don’t have to travel alone.

We live in an increasingly lonely society in which parents often feel isolated and alone when their kids have trouble. Parent coaching gives you the support and resources you need to survive and thrive while parenting in difficult and dangerous situations.

Is this you?

  • You spend a lot of time worrying about your child
  • You feel guilty all the time
  • Conversations with your child are stressful or nonexistent
  • You (sort of) hate your child
  • You feel disconnected and shut out of your kid’s life
  • You are frequently alarmed by and feel scared for your child
  • You’re embarrassed for losing your temper all the time but you don’t know what else to do

Is this your kid?

  • Talks back, ignores you, and is rude
  • Using alcohol & drugs
  • Has a “weight problem” and/or an eating disorder
  • Has anxiety, depression, ADD, OCD, ODD, and/or other disorders
  • Has “loser” friends and/or friends you don’t like
  • Grades are dropping
  • Doesn’t seem to care about what you think
  • Their sexuality, sexual identity, and/or gender identity confuses/upsets you

What I Do As A Parent Coach

I work with clients via phone & text (usually about one hour per week) to help them vent, set goals, learn new things, and make an impact on their relationships.


I research child development, what’s “normal” during adolescence, and the science behind effective parenting. I’ve read tons of parenting, relationship, and psychology books, conducted dozens of interviews with parents and parenting experts, and written more than 350 articles on the topic of parenting “difficult” kids. I keep learning so my clients can, too!


What we all need most of in this world is people who believe that we are doing our very best and have all the best intentions. I believe this in you. I know you love your kid. And I can listen compassionately when you complain about them without judging your feelings. The most important thing for you to know is that you are not alone, and nobody has to stay stuck forever.


I’ll provide you with feedback, help you make action plans for improving your situation, and guide you along the path to a more peaceful, enjoyable relationship with your child. We’ll work on how you can respond differently so you get a different result. We’ll evaluate results and keep working. You don’t have to white-knuckle your way through parenting – I can help!

Ginny Jones is a Parent Coach who helps parents handle difficult kids and dangerous behaviors. Learn more