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When your child is struggling it changes everything. By now you’ve probably read a bunch of articles and found some professionals for your child to talk to. But there are so many decisions to make, and all the information can be overwhelming, confusing, and even contradictory.

It would be a lot easier if there were an article or book that applied to your unique situation. You simply don’t have the time to sift through mountains of materials. Really you just need to know how to handle your kid’s specific situation.

You just want to know what to do today, tomorrow, next week, and beyond to help your kid feel better. As your parent coach I can help you navigate your child’s mental health struggles with more confidence and ease.

There’s a simpler way

Look, I’m not going to say that this is easy, but it can be simpler. You can get the help you need to help your child. While there’s no individualized book, parent coaching is a great way to get up to speed quickly and start making a difference in your child’s behavior and how you relate to them.

This may be the scariest thing you’ve had to face in your family so far. And it’s probably not the only thing going on for you. Maybe you’re also juggling a marriage, a career, and other children who you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle.

You want to understand your child’s problems: Why is this happening? How long will it go on? How can you help? And you’re open to learning new parenting skills for this high-stakes situation. But you’d like to do it without dropping any of the other balls you have in the air right now.

With parent coaching you can: ✨ Interpret & understand worrying behavior ✨ Know what to do & say ✨ Make informed choices ✨

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Ginny Jones

The Help You Deserve

I think one of the biggest failures of our current mental health system is not taking care of the parents – not coaching them to succeed. We have a tremendous impact on our kids. We make a difference. That’s why this is my life’s work.

Getting a parent coach for yourself will help you, and it will help your child. And it will help every other member of your family. The fact is that when parents grow and learn, kids feel better. You’ve totally got this!

I’m a parent coach for parents who want help with their kid’s mental health

You’ll get actionable advice and guidance. You’ll learn to stop doing things that maintain disordered behaviors. And you’ll get support for doing things that will pave the road for your child’s growth and recovery. We aren’t in control of our kids’ mental health. But our behaviors and beliefs can make a huge impact on it. We have influence. We make a difference.

You can be a valuable part of your child’s mental health. Here’s what you’ll get when you work with me:


Learn what your child’s behavior is really about and how you can help them find strength and peace.


Have a safe space where you can share your biggest fears without judgment or recrimination. Get the support you need to support your child.


Cut through the noise and have the confidence to parent your way, authentically. Know that you are doing the very best you can.

Find out about parent coaching

Why get a parent coach for your child’s eating disorder recovery?

Fact 1: Kids do better when parents are learning, growing, and examining their own behavior as parents.

Fact 2: Most parents feel like they’re in the dark when it comes to eating disorders.

You can help your kid feel better, but it requires learning some new skills and practicing some new behaviors. With parent coaching for your child’s eating disorder you will:

  • Feel more confident about feeding & eating
  • Make informed choices about treatment & recovery
  • Have fewer meltdowns & shutdowns
  • Notice less resistance & sneaky behaviors
  • Know how to respond to body bashing
  • Get better collaboration & cooperation
  • Experience less fighting & fewer power struggles
  • See lower stress levels for everyone
  • Find greater peace & clarity

It is powerful when parents work on parenting. I can meet you where you are without blame or shame. You’ll get education, support, and confidence. You’ll feel better. You’ll make a difference.

I know you can do it – I see parents support their kids’ recovery every day. I’d like to help you!

Felicia & Brian L.

Talking to you is so helpful. We feel so much more confident and as if we can actually handle this! Our home was a war zone, but now it seems like we’re all finding moments of peace and connection.


Daniella R.

You have really helped me get through this awful time. I was feeling really lost and as if I was walking on eggshells all the time, but now I feel like we’re on the right track!


Carrie M.

I can’t even tell you how amazing this is. It’s like I finally understand what’s going on. I think she really likes that I’m learning about eating disorders. It’s making a big difference.


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