About Ginny Jones

Hi! I’m really glad you’re here. I’m Ginny Jones, a parent coach who specializes in helping parents navigate eating disorder recovery and other mental health challenges.

I’m on a mission to empower parents and help them feel more confident.

Here’s my story:

I was a business consultant running a successful private practice for more than a decade when I ran head-first into my own parental awakening. I had been feeling pretty good about my parenting skills … until I didn’t. Things were not working out the way I planned.

I found myself feeling very alone, with tears running down my face, thinking to myself “I am screwing this all up! I’m trying so hard but I’m doing it all wrong!”

From the depths of despair, I sensed somewhere deep, deep inside of myself that I could figure this out. But I needed help. I reached out and dove in wholeheartedly, committed to doing the very best I could. I got a lot of help.

And then …

While I was finding my way as a parent, I recovered from the eating disorder I’d lived with since childhood.

As I embraced my recovery and emerged from my toughest days of parenting, I knew then that this is the work I really want to do: I want to help parents who are feeling like absolute crap, who are worried that they’re not up for the job. I want them to know that they’ve got this. Because I know that when parents grow and learn, kids feel a whole lot better.

You’ve got this. And there is nobody better suited to being your kid’s parent than you.

I believe you are the very best person to help your kids thrive, but I also know from experience that a lot of times the things we do naturally or automatically aren’t necessarily what our kids need from us.

We can waste a lot of time trying to figure this out unless we get some help along the way. But the good news is that as long as you are willing to learn and grow, and as long as you feel ready to get some help, you can do this!

Who I work well with

I work best with people who care a lot but know they don’t know everything and want to learn. But they don’t have time to read all the books or do too much deep work. They need to take action, now! Great news: there’s no need for you to spin your wheels. I can help you learn what you need to learn and start doing this whole parenting thing with less despair and a whole lot more confidence.

I have an MBA and I was a business consultant for a long time, and I carry a lot of those skills forward into parent coaching. I love thinking critically about complex problems and brainstorming solutions. Giving smart, thoughtful advice makes me happy. And seeing positive results is thrilling.

Therapy is awesome, but I am not a therapist. While I’m super interested in what you think and how you feel, and I always work with a lot of compassion and empathy, I’m also task-oriented. You’re facing a specific challenge, and I’m here to give you specific advice. I know that you have an imminent need to figure this whole parenting/eating disorder stuff out right now, as quickly as possible. So let’s get started!

Some stuff about me:

❤️ I believe parents are powerful, and we all have room to learn and grow.

✨ I’ve been a coach and consultant since 2004.

🦋 I founded More-Love.org, a website that supports parents who have kids with eating disorders, in 2016.

📚 I’m an avid reader and have read a lot about parenting, mental health, eating disorder recovery, etc.

💕 My husband and I were born in the same hospital in Los Angeles and grew up 20 minutes apart. But we met on Guam, where we lived for four years before returning to LA.

💖 Our awesome teenager challenges me to learn and grow every day.

🌊 We live in Santa Monica, California, and spend a lot of time at the beach.

🎯 I work from a Health at Every SizeⓇ (HAESⓇ), non-diet, Intuitive Eating framework.

🚀 My most recent project is Recovery, a newsletter for deeply-feeling people in recovery from diet culture, negative body image, and eating disorders.

My Interests

In addition to staying current in the field of eating disorders, I actively pursue education on a wide variety of topics. I believe that this holistic approach to family systems and mental health is key to supporting recovery. I read a lot of books – you can see a partial list here. Some of my interests and training include:

  • Parent-led treatment (SPACE) (FBT)
  • Interpersonal neurobiology & trauma (NICABM) (Mindsight Institute)
  • Family dynamics & parental attachment
  • Feeding strategies (sDOR) (ecSatter) (FBT)
  • Parts of Self (IFS)
  • Leadership & management
  • Influence & persuasion
  • Mindfulness & self-compassion
  • Addiction & substance use disorders
  • Social justice


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Snapshots of my life …

Our VW Vanagon at the beach
Our cat Emmett hanging out in my office
Santa Monica Beach
Our dog Molly keeping me company
Will Rogers State Beach
Leo Carillo Beach – just in case you were thinking SoCal is always sunny … we also have grey days

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