About Ginny Jones

Hi! I’m really glad you’re here. I’m Ginny Jones, a parent coach who specializes in helping parents navigate eating disorder recovery and other difficult situations. I’m on a mission to empower parents to raise kids who are free from body hate and eating disorders.

Here’s some information about me:

❤️ I believe parents can make a difference and help kids recover from eating disorders.

✨ I’ve been a coach and consultant since 2004.

🦋 I founded More-Love.org, a website that provides resources to help parents with their kids’ food and body issues.

📚 I’m an avid reader and have read hundreds of thousands of words about parenting, mental health, eating disorder recovery, etc.

💕 I met my husband in Guam in 1995, and we lived there for four years. We were born in the same hospital in Los Angeles and grew up 20 minutes apart.

💖 We have one daughter, a teenager who keeps things (very!) real. We wrote a book about body image together!

🌊 We live in Santa Monica, California.

🚐 We have a Eurovan that we use as our mobile living room, and we spend a lot of time at the beach.

💪 My coaching approach is strengths-based. That means I look for areas in which you already excel and help you build on those.

🎯 I work from a Health at Every SizeⓇ (HAESⓇ), non-diet, Intuitive Eating framework.

It would be my sincere honor to talk to you and see if we could be a good fit.

My Interests

In addition to staying current in the field of eating disorders, I actively pursue education on a wide variety of topics. I believe that this holistic approach to family systems and mental health is key to supporting recovery. Some of my interests and training include:

  • Parent-based treatment (SPACE training)
  • Interpersonal neurobiology
  • Family dynamics & parental attachment
  • Feeding strategies (sDOR training)
  • Self-leadership (IFS training)
  • Leadership & management
  • Influence & persuasion
  • Mindfulness & self-compassion
  • Addiction & substance disorders
  • Social justice

A little bit of my life …

This is a delicious burrito meal in our mobile dining room (Eurovan)
Our “mobile living room” at the beach
Our dog Molly
ginny jones office
My office
One of our favorite beaches
My desk
All the books!

Important note: Ginny is a parent coach, NOT a licensed therapist. She cannot diagnose or treat mental illness, addiction, eating disorders, etc.