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Signature Course: SPACE 4ED

Do you want to get your child on the path to eating disorder recovery but they are not interested?


Are you trying to convince, cajole, and negotiate your child into recovery but it’s not working?


Do you have endless (and fruitless) conversations about the value of recovery?

You can make a difference in recovery with parent-led treatment

All Online Courses For Parents Who Have Kids With Eating Disorders

How to Motivate Eating Disorder Recovery

How To Motivate Eating Disorder Recovery


Parents can’t do recovery for their kids, but they can motivate kids to recover. This proven method will help you start motivating your child with an eating disorder.

How To Help Your Child Be Less Anxious With An Eating Disorder


Learn about anxiety and how you can build your child’s anxiety resilience. Anxiety is very often a cause and symptom of an eating disorder.

Emotional Regulation For Kids With Eating Disorders


Learn about emotional regulation and how you can teach your child to calm down when they’re stressed and dysregulated. You are the best person for the job!

How To Stop Fighting About Food & Eating


Kids with eating disorders refuse food, argue about food, and refuse to eat. Find out how to respond differently so your child can eat and you can relax.

Body Bashing course

How To Stop Fat Talk & Body Shaming


Body bashing is a typical symptom in kids with eating disorders. Find out what to say and what not to say when your child is fat-talking and body shaming.

Parent-Led Treatment For Eating Disorder Behaviors


This is an evidence-based treatment program for eating disorder behaviors. Parents learn how to change their own behavior to influence recovery.

Essential Guide To Parenting Eating Disorders


Find out how to make your home safe for your child’s recovery, and set up family rules for recovery. Feel confident that you have done everything possible to help your child recover.

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