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Find out about parent coaching for an eating disorder

Becky’s story

Becky has been slowly watching her daughter Meg fall down the rabbit hole of an eating disorder. “At first it was just a few skipped meals,” says Becky. “Then she became a vegetarian, and next she cut out gluten. Now I rarely see her eat anything, but then once a week or so she binge eats her cheat foods and I think she may be purging sometimes.”

Just a year ago, Meg seemed like a healthy, well-adjusted tween. But today she is grumpy and walks around the house with a giant storm cloud over her head. Her moods and eating behaviors have put the whole household on high alert. Everyone is stressed, and nobody knows what to do.

Becky alternates between cooking elaborate vegetarian/gluten-free meals in a desperate attempt to get Meg to eat and throwing her hands up and having everyone figure out their own food. “Sometimes it just all feels like too much,” she says. “I feel like I’ve made so many mistakes, and I need help.”

I understand how Becky feels, and I can help. A child who has eating issues adds a lot of stress to the family. And luckily parents can make big changes just by changing their own behavior.

Becky reached out for a parent consultation for Meg’s eating disorder behaviors and we came up with some strategies for handling Meg’s eating habits and got her into therapy, which she was resisting.

Gradually, the family made some changes and Meg felt better. I’m not suggesting it was magical or instant. It required work and effort, but the results were positive for Becky and her family. If you feel like you could use some help and would like to gain some skills for helping your child with an eating disorder, I’d love to help.

Signs you might want some help from a parent coach:

  • Does your child’s eating scare, mystify, or anger you?
  • Are your child’s eating issues impacting your whole family?
  • Have meals become stressful and chaotic?
  • Do you feel as if you are constantly walking on eggshells about food and body issues?
  • Does your home seem filled with anxiety?
  • Have you been trying to help your child with their eating, but nothing seems to be working?
  • Is your child resisting getting help?

If your child is struggling with eating disorder beliefs and behaviors, they need treatment. And you can also do a lot at home to put them on the right path and get your whole family back on track.

What I witness daily is that when parents get educated and gain new skills, the whole family heals and gets stronger.

Parent coaching is for parents like you who really want to help their child find food and body peace and are willing to do the work to help make that possible.

You can help, and you can be a critical part of your child’s recovery.

But it takes skills that most of us have to learn. I’d like to help you do that!

Find out about parent coaching for an eating disorder

Parent coaching helps you make a difference

With parent coaching you will have access to:

Information: Get answers to your questions about eating disorders. What are they? Why do they happen? Can they be prevented or interrupted? How long will it take to recover?

Understanding: Decode your child’s behavior and learn how to interact with them. This way you can minimize stress and optimize your home for recovery.

Conflict Resolution: Learn how to resolve conflict with your child over food and body issues, as well as other struggles.

Responses: Get ideas and scripts for how you can talk to your child about food, weight, and eating disorders.

Techniques: Learn about the science-backed eating disorder treatment approaches Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating

Recommendations: Find the books, articles, and resources that are available to help you navigate food and body peace with your child.

Parent coaching can make an immediate impact on your ability to parent your child through the difficult and dangerous territory of food and body concerns. I hope you will schedule a consultation with me to find out more!

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