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Learn how to handle your child’s eating disorder with confidence

Hi! I’m glad you’re here! My online training courses give you the information you need to be more effective while parenting kids with eating disorders. Learn how to motivate your child, deal with anxiety, anger, and other tough emotions, and transform the way you approach this chapter of your parenting journey.

How to Motivate Eating Disorder Recovery

How To Motivate Eating Disorder Recovery

$32 Online Course

Parents can’t do recovery for their kids, but they can motivate kids to recover. The secret is that most people go about motivation all wrong. Luckily, there is a proven method that will help you start motivating your child with an eating disorder. Learn More

How To Stop Fighting About Food & Eating

$32 online course

Kids with eating disorders refuse food, argue about food, and refuse to eat. They may throw mealtime tantrums that are exhausting and hard to deal with. Find out how to respond differently so your child can eat and you can relax. Learn More

Body Bashing course

How To Stop Fat Talk & Body Shaming

$32 online course

Body bashing is a typical symptom in kids with eating disorders. However, the way you respond can either keep the bash going or stop it in its tracks. You make a difference! Find out what to say and what not to say when your child is fat-talking. Learn more

Parent-Led Treatment For Eating Disorder Behaviors

$395 online course

This is an evidence-based treatment program for eating disorder behaviors. Developed specifically for parents whose kids resist/refuse treatment. Parents learn how to change their own behavior to influence recovery. Learn more

Essential Guide To Parenting Eating Disorders

$47 online course

Find out how to make your home safe for your child’s recovery, and set up family rules for recovery. Maintain and deepen your family connections, and feel confident that you have done everything possible to help your child recover. Learn more

How To Calm Your Child Down (Emotional Regulation)

$32 online course

Learn about emotional regulation and how you can teach your child to calm down when they’re stressed and dysregulated. Parents are the best teachers because we’re biologically hardwired to teach our kids self-regulation. Learn more

You Make a Difference

One of the most hopeful things about eating disorder recovery is that parents make a difference. For too long, parents have been left in the dark, like they are exterior observers of what’s going on with their child. You may feel like you’re walking on eggshells, afraid to say or do the wrong thing. But this approach doesn’t help kids get better, because parents matter … of course we do!

What I know is that empowering parents with skills and information about eating disorders transforms eating disorder treatment outcomes. Because what you do matters … of course it does!

My online courses help parents who have kids with eating disorders figure out what to do, what to stop doing, and how to make a powerful difference in recovery. I believe in you, and I’d like to help you feel more confident about parenting your child’s eating disorder.

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