What Kids Want Parents to Know About Eating Disorders

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I started by thinking about what I wish my parents knew. Next, I interviewed hundreds of people who have/had eating disorders. My goal was to find out what people who have eating disorders really want from their parents.

We know that parents, while never the cause of eating disorders, are a critical part of recovery. So how can parents help kids recover?

This book reviews the most common themes and answers that I get from people who have/had eating disorders. I hope this will help you as you consider how best to help your child recover.

The book covers:

  • What are eating disorders?
  • Causes of eating disorders
  • Feelings underlying eating disorders
  • Recovery from an eating disorder
  • Eating disorders in their own words

I hope this book helps you and your child on your recovery journey!

This book was the perfect way for me to get started with helping my daughter heal from her eating disorder. It helped me start to make sense of what was going on. – Marisa L.